Matthew Mandravelis
Who am I?

Call me, Matthew.

About Me

I'm Matthew, award-winning Lead-product UX UI designer, advisor, and creative director with more than twelve years of hands-on experience. I worked with leading Fortune 500 brands and exciting tech startups, including but not limited to Disney, Samsung, Sony, Adidas, BMW, Lufthansa, to bring impact via innovation.

My mission is to deliver the most efficient, engaging, innovative, and high-quality experience with an emphasis on user experience.

What I Do?

I enjoy creating delightful and intuitive,

human-centered digital experiences that drive business revenue and users' love.

Think. Make.

2014 - 2020

Awards & Nominations

Tourism Awards - Best Website & Booking Interface

EBGE Awards - Best eCommerce Design

The FWA - Awards - Site of the Day

Awwwards - Honorable Mention [5x]

Awwwards - Site of the Day [3x]

Web Guru Awards - Site of the Day

e-Volution Awards - Best travel eCommerce & Usability

e-Volution Awards - eCommerce Platforms Award

FAB Awards - Best Overall Digital Presence

Tourism Awards - Best digital & social media campaign

Tourism Awards - Best advertising campaign

Ermis Award - Website re-design

FAB Awards - Best Kids Apparel Brand

e-Volution Awards - Best in B2B Award

e-Volution Awards - Digital Transformation Award

Social Media Awards - Best integration of social media

Social Media Awards - Best social media strategy

IAB Mixx Awards - Best eCommerce Fashion & Pharmacy Website[2x]

FAB Awards - Beauty eShop/Pharma eShop [2x]

FAB Awards - Fashion eShop/Apparel

IAB Mixx Awards - Best Practices in Digital Ecosystem [2x]

e-Volution Awards - eCommerce, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty Award

WebX Awards - Best Cortporate website in the category “Food & Drink

Digital Media Awards - Best Personalized Service

Peak Performance Marketing Awards - Best Performance in Pharma Health & Beauty

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