Matthew Mandravelis

JetBlue Airlines
— iOS UX, UI design —

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jetblue ridesharing application


  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Graphic Design

Re-establish JetBlue as an industry leader in digital by providing a smart, customized experience across all channels. The new JetBlue experience uses smart interactive design and technology to take personalization to new heights, while retaining the simplicity and engagement that fliers love.

Making the complex simple: One-way flights, return flights, direct flights, indirect flights, all kinds of flghts.

My task was to take this complexity and give it a meaningful and cohesive design language within a simple intuitive interface.

The principle "Progressive disclosure" reveals information only when the user requests it. Gently leading them into more complex data sets. Simple, clear visual signposting allows the customer to know what to do next. Complex results are easier to understand by making them bite-size.

As always I made sure that everything was true to the brand values and promise.

jetblue real preview
jetblue real preview


Interactive Design

Feel free to check the interactive, prototype design via InvisionApp.

APP Screens

Flights Results
title screen
Class Selection
Seat Selection
Fare Analysis

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